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Shop DeepBlue Rewards!

Every week we'll choose our favorite post and send the winner a promo pack for free! 

Promo pack includes: 1 drawstring, 2 lanyards (blue&lightblue), 2 cups (blue&navy), 3 stickers, and $5 off your next order!!!

Here's what you need to know!

  • In order to enter to win, just post a picture wearing your Shop DeepBlue apparel and use #shopdeepblue
  • Every week, we choose a winner from Instagram or Twitter and send them the awesome promo pack shown above!
  • If your account is private..don't panic! You can directly message us your picture and we'll notify you that you've successfully entered
  •  When we choose a winner we will directly message or comment on the picture so be sure to check to see if you've won!
  • Uploading the same picture multiple times will not increase your chances of winning
  • Creative, fun pics that show off how much you love your Shop DeepBlue items are most likely to win! 
  • You can win more than once if you submit awesome pictures two different weeks
  • Good luck and spread the word!